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Come along to our flying site on a club day (Sunday or Wednesday morning) and meet the crew, have a look around and have a chat. If you like what you see and want more information or are interested in joining the club contact the president or secretary using the email addresses below:

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Aero modelling has many branches; free flight (both rubber powered as well as motored), control line (models fly in a circle on two wires that allow them to go up and down), gliding (slope soaring and thermal), helicopters (electric and glow powered), jets (miniature gas turbines with the sound and performance of their big brothers), and indoor flying with micro sized models to name but a few.

The majority of Nelson Model Aero Club members build and fly ‘sport’ and scale radio controlled aircraft and radio controlled gliders. Some have also been flying off water by fitting floats to their land planes. You don’t have to be a master builder these days to produce a fantastic looking model. Many members would much rather fly than build. If you belong to that group then the ‘Almost Ready to Fly’ (ARF) model would be for you. Construction time is minimal and, in many cases, additional scale detail can be added that turns a nice model into an outstanding one. Of course, if you are interested in building, there are a good number of members who are very willing to pass on their knowledge and experience to the novice builder. There is no greater satisfaction for many people, modeller or not, than seeing what they have made actually perform like its ‘real world’ counterpart. With aero modelling there is still the added problem of beating gravity as well!

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